May holiday camp Amsterdam

May holiday camp Amsterdam is part of the Kids camps of UP Events Kids and is also known as UPventure. The camp takes place at the UP Events Kids terrain, which is located in the gardens of West in Amsterdam. Because of this, the terrain is surrounded by green. For diversity, UP Events Kids has created its own little “beach”. On here we play beach volleybal, amongst others. There are also so called “loodsen” on the terrein, in shich in-door activities take place.

Because UP Events Kids organises children’s parties and comparible activities throughout the year, the employees have plenty of experience with children. Besides, we also provide workshops, activities and sports days at schools. A kids camp, for kids of 8 till 13 years old, is therefore something that perfectly fits into the offers of UP Events.

Quality label and safety

Through UP Events Kids, the May holiday camp is affiliated with Recron and Vebon, safe outdoor sports and certified by the company TÜV. We work with a special security system developed by the branch organization and TÜV. Components of this safety system include: a comprehensive risk analysis of May holiday camp activities, risk management measures, registrations, instructor training, checks and maintenance of the materials.


At UP Events Kids we like activeness. Whether this is physical or mental. Because of that, we have a broad scala of both fun sports and game activities, as well as challanging and educational activities. Discovering and experiencing are central at all the activities we offer. We find it very important to do as much as possible outside in the open air, this of course when the weather allows it.

The large amount of activities makes it so that every child can be surprised and filled with joy during the May holiday camp Amsterdam. Each day is different, but we also include some activities multiple times. For example laser tag, which is very beloved amongst children. Other activities that may take place include bubblefootball, archery tag, escaping an escape room, or being creative and creating your own mask. We craft and sport as much as we can and that’s what makes the May holiday camp to such a big success. Because there’s plenty to explore.

Due to the fact that each day is different, it is easy and fun to experience multiple days at the camp. This way you won’t be bored at all. Have you already booked one day, but would you like to go more? No problem, you can easily add more days! This way you can enjoy optimally from the holiday and of the activities that take place.

Supervisors of the May holiday camp Amsterdam

The May holiday camp supervisors and instructors are employees of UP Events Kids, which makes it that they work with children on a regular base. For example, they supervise children’s parties, workshops, or activities- and sports days of schools. Furthermore, a large part of our supervisors have actually already worked on one of the previous Kids camps before.

Most of our supervisors have a background in education, or (are following) a pedagogic or sportive study. We train our supervisors ourselves too, this way we make sure they can guide the children with enthusiasm and positivity. This knowledge is then used by them to bring structure into the camp.

Day program

During the May holiday camp, we try to do as many activities as possible outside. However, sometimes the weather won’t allow us. In these cases, we can’t help but adapt the day program. We do ask of everyone to arrange appropriate clothing, so the children feel good and at easy during the activities.

May holiday camp Amsterdam dates

April 25 up until april 29
May 2 up until may 6

Please note: there will be no May camp day on Kingsday April 27.

For kids from 8 till 13 years old.


Per day: € 59,95
All prices are per child, per day and including VAT

What others thought of their May holiday camp experience

My son, 9, spent two days with UP. Usually he always wants to do these things with a friend but he was so excited about the activities that he did it alone. He came home both days full of fun stories. He had a great time!
Amanda Gowland
Amanda Gowland
Mijn zoon en een vriendje zijn in de voorjaarsvakantie 3 dagen naar het kamp geweest en hebben het er ontzettend naar hun zin gehad. Het was moeilijk om ze aan het einde van de dag weer mee naar huis te krijgen. Het kamp is een mooie mix van spannende activiteiten zoals lasergamen en archery, lekker voetballen/sporten en knutselen. De locatie is ook geweldig. Een absolute aanrader!
Martien Swart
Martien Swart
Mijn zoon ging alleen en is 4 dagen geweest bij het zomerkamp. De kinderen, activiteiten en de begeleiding vond hij allemaal even leuk, elke dag kreeg ik weer enthousiaste verhalen. Voor herhaling vatbaar.
Superleuk zomerkamp voor kids!
Michiel Plakman
Michiel Plakman
Ron van Eeuwen
Ron van Eeuwen
Superleuke en veel activiteiten
Bregje Kop
Bregje Kop
Nicky Vos
Nicky Vos
Luc Haverkamp
Luc Haverkamp

Quotes from parents

“They really liked it! They were totally knocked out, but today I wanted to go again.” Our son said that the only disappointing thing is that you have to go home again and not sleep in a tent 🙂 “

“Our children told us,” Mom, we really did a lot of camps, but this is really the coolest ever, it’s a children’s party for a day! “They begged their mother if they could go the whole week,”

“He liked this camp so much he wants to come again tomorrow, we never had that.”

“Very nice May holiday camp! Unfortunately we could not go on holiday, and this summer camp offered exactly the activities that my son loved. Every day he came completely satisfied, tired and dirty at home. It was exactly how he wanted it! Haha”

“Highly recommended, my son (9) would actually go 4 days to try it out, but he really wanted a fifth day.”

“Everything was great: nice young enthusiastic supervisors, great entertainment, 3 cool things to do in one day for the kids, also for parents an outcome because the camp was from 8:00 to 18:00. The parents also make a whole day of work 🙂 and take a flexible approach: from 1 to very many days, next year definitely again! “

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