Holiday camps in Amsterdam

Choose from the best holiday camps in Amsterdam. Every holiday you can go to UP Events Kids for the best activities, games and most importantly, lots of fun. We have unlimited options at our own location in Amsterdam West. The kids do outdoor activities such as laser tag, bubble football and archery tag. We also have 2 different escape rooms and our arcade games are an absolute must for the kids.

Holiday camps in Amsterdam

At our own location in Amsterdam New West, we receive many different kids every holiday. Every holiday we have a varied range of activities, fun and above all a lot of fun. The holiday camps are in every school holiday. Starting with the spring break when our spring break camp takes place. Just like during the autumn holiday camp and Christmas holiday camp, we try to be outside as much as possible. If the weather is really bad enough that this is not possible, we have enough fun indoor activities to let the kids have a great time. Many of the children come to several holiday camps.

How many days

You can choose how many days the children come to our holiday camps. We have many different children and one comes 2 days, the other comes 3 weeks. You can always opt for a few days and then book extra later. The multi-day discount also applies if you book extra days. You can also choose to divide the number of days over several weeks. For example during the summer holiday camp if you work part-time. Not all schools have a two-week holiday during the May holidays. In addition, not all schools have the same holiday weeks because they can often fill in 1 of the two weeks themselves. That is why we check every year whether there are enough registrations for the May holiday camp.

Holiday camps in Amsterdam

may day camp Surrvivor games for kids Summer Camp

May holiday camp

Our May holiday camp in Amsterdam. Two weeks of fun. Laser tag, Bubble football and more.

zomervakantie - zomerkamp
Voorjaarsvakantie kamp amsterdam

Summerholiday camp

Six weeks of crazy activities. Enjoy playing outside in the greenery of Amsterdam.

Voorjaarsvakantie kamp
Voorjaarsvakantie kamp amsterdam

Spring holiday camp

A whole week of kids camp. Awesome indoor and outdoor activities.

Autumn camp

Autumn holiday camp

A great week when the leaves fall from the trees. Cosiness comes first.


Christmas holiday camp

Also in these two weeks we go outside as much as possible. But great activities are also planned indoors.