What are the start and end times of the UPventure Camp?
You can bring the kids between 8.00 am and 9.00 am. You can pick them UP between 17.00 and 18.00 hours. If you want to bring them later or pick them up earlier, you can of course. Please let us know.

What do the Themes mean?
In the Summer weeks we have a different theme each week. The children may dress up for this if they want to. We will dress up somr of our activities and the surroundings in this theme.

What if I arrive too late to pick up?
The first time we won’t make an issue out of it. After half an hour, or if it happens for the second time, we charge €17,50 per half an hour, to be paid by card on location.

What are the terms and conditions?
We use the General Terms and Conditions of the Vebon. This has been sent by mail or can be found here.

Where do I book a Camp and pay?
The UPventure camp can only be booked on the website. You can pay directly or you will receive an e-mail with an invoice and payment link from us. 

Can I cancel?
See the General Conditions.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants?
There is a minimum of 4 participants. If we expect that this will not be achieved, we will contact you as soon as possible and find an alternative date. In that situation you can of course cancel free of charge. There is no maximum for the number of participants. We use a maximum of 8 children per supervisor. The location is large enough to divide the groups so that it is not too big, we can give personal attention and safety is guaranteed.

The UP Events office is always accessible and is located at the location of the camp. Would you like to be contacted during the day? Please indicate this.

Food, drinks and allergies
The children get a delicious lunch with bread (white and brown), various savory and sweet fillings, fresh fruit, juice and milk.

We take into account special wishes of participants, such as a diet, allergy or vegetarian menu. Do not forget to mention this when registering your child in the ‘comments’ field.

Will the children leave the location?
This is not necessary, the site is large enough and all activities take place on the site. If we want to do something special outside the location, we will first ask the parents for permission.

Can the parents come to watch?
Yes, often very nice but sometimes also confusing for the children when you leave.

I booked for 5 days but my child can’t come one day, what can we do?
Send us an e-mail to kids@upevents.nl, and we will find a suitable solution.

Do I have to give my child pocket money?
No, they get food and drink, all activities and materials are included, otherwise there is nothing for sale.

Use of mobile phones
You can give your child a mobile phone. However, we are actively busy and spread out over the whole location throughout the day, so we will ask the children to leave the mobile in the central area. Furthermore, we truly believe making friends requires you to be fully focussed on the camp, so we encourage you to keep the telephone at home. Should you urgently need or want to speak to your children? The office is always accessible.

Medicine use
Our employees are not entitled to administer medication, with the exception of life-threatening situations. Though you can share any details with us. 

Can my child register alone?
Yes, many of the children come alone and will make friends for life.

I would like to be with my friend in the same group, is that possible?
Sure, we keep that in mind. Please fill in the comments box when registering.

UP Events has good corporate liability insurance. If you wish, you can take out travel and cancellation insurance yourself.