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Here you can book Summer Camp Amsterdam for your child(ren). All days are without overnight stay and can be hosted in English. Summer Camp Amsterdam follows all the guidelines of the Government of The Netherlands, the RIVM, HISWA/Recron, NOC*NSF and the Municipality of Amsterdam.

After we have received your booking, you will receive a confirmation and invoice from us by email. After confirmation, you can change your booking 1x free of charge. Send an e-mail to if you would like to make any changes. Please also read our terms and conditions.


1 day: € 60,-
2 days: € 115,-
3 days: € 165,-
4 days: € 210,-
5 days: € 249,-

All prices are per child and including VAT

Enjoy a family discount!

If you book more than one child from your household for Summer Camp Amsterdam, then the days of all children are added together and we calculate the corresponding price. For example: Henk & Pietje are two brothers, who both come for 3 days. The price per child will then be €49,80 per day! Please fill in the booking form for each child seperate.

Summer Camp days

6 July to 10 July 2020
13 July to 17 July 2020
20 July to 24 July 2020
27 July to 31 July 2020
3 August to 7 August 2020
10 August to 14 August 2020

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