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May Camp & Summer Camp Amsterdam

Summer Camp Amsterdam is called UPventure Camp and is organized by UP Events. The age group for this camp is from 8 till 13 years old. The location in Amsterdam West consists of a lot of green space, a ‘beach’ for games in the sand and hangars for all indoor activities. UP Events has a lot of experience with children’s activities. We organize children’s parties all year round where similar activities are being played. We also provide workshops, activities and sports days at schools. Our entire camp can also be hosted in English. 

Quality marks and safety

UP Events is a member of Recron and Vebon, safe outdoor sports and certified by the company TÜV. We work with a security system developed especially by the branch organization and TÜV. Components of this safety system include a comprehensive risk analysis of activities, control measures for risks, registrations, instructor training, checks and maintenance of the materials.

UPventure Camp Amsterdam logo

Learn archery amsterdam summer camp

Themes of summer camp Amsterdam

The weeks of the summer vacation, all our Summer Camp weeks have a special theme. In these weeks, the children can come dressed up in that theme, if they wish. But nothing is mandatory! We provide a nice design and activities that match the theme 🙂

6 t/m 10 july 2020, week 28
Disney, such as Elsa, the Lion King, Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse

13 t/m 17 july 2020, week 29
Hawaii, like short with flowers, garlands, hawaian shirts & hula skirts

20 t/m 24 july 2020, week 30
Superheroes, think of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl

27 t/m 31 july 2020, week 31
Wild West, cowboys and Indians!

3 t/m 7 august 2020, week 32
In Space, think space outfits, star t-shirts or alien masks

10 t/m 14 august 2020, week 33
Animals, what is your favorite animal?

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Summer camp Amsterdam activities

Sport, play, discover and experience during summer camp Amsterdam. All kinds of fun, challenging and educational things to do with eachother and as much as possible in the open air. Every child will be surprised by the range of activities in this summer camp. A brief selection: Lasergame (outdoor), become Robin Hood and learn Archery, escape together from the Kids Escape Room, run and bump with Bubble Football, imagine yourself in a different world with the VR Experience, go wild in the Percussion workshops, and crafts like never before with Graffiti. You will have the time of your life!

Not enough after one week of summer camp? Great! Book for several weeks. Activities that you liked, we can schedule again, and if you prefer something new, we’ll arrange that!

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May camp Amsterdam 2020

Camp days:
Tuesday April 20, 2020 – week 18
Thursday April 30, 2020 – week 18
Thursday May 7, 2020 – week 19

Summer camp Amsterdam 2020 

Camp days:
6 july to 10 july, 2020, week 28
13 july to 17 july, 2020, week 29
20 july to 24 july, 2020, week 30
27 july to 31 july, 2020, week 31
3 august to 7 august, 2020, week 32
10 august to 14 august, 2020, week 33

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May camp and summer camp prices

May camp Early Bird rate : valid until March 30, 2020

Summer camp Early Bird rate : valid until June 7, 2020

Early Bird prices*

  • 1 day: € 75,- incl. VAT (8% discount)
  • 2 days: € 145,- incl. VAT (11% discount)
  • 3 days: € 210 incl. VAT (14% discount)
  • 4 days: € 270,- incl. VAT (16% discount)
  • 5 days: € 325,- incl. VAT (20% discount)

Regular prices

  • 1 day: € 81,50 incl. VAT
  • 2 days: € 158,- incl. VAT (3% discount)
  • 3 days: € 229,50 incl. VAT (6% discount)
  • 4 days: € 296,- incl. VAT (8% discount)
  • 5 days: € 357,50 incl. VAT (12% discount)

* the discount percentages are based on the rate for 1 day of € 81,50.


The supervisors and instructors of summer camp Amsterdam regularly work with children at UP Events. Furthermore, many of our employees have a background in education or (follow) a pedagogical or sports education. Our supervisors are trained to always be enthusiastic and positive and to combine this with a clear structure. We ask our employees a ‘VOG’ (Declaration on Behavior).

Food, drinks and allergies

The children get a delicious lunch with bread (white and brown), various savory and sweet fillings, fresh fruit, juice and milk.

We take into account special wishes of participants, such as a diet, allergy or vegetarian menu. Do not forget to mention this when registering your child in the ‘comments’ field. Both for may camp as for summer camp Amsterdam.